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But it also included some exemplary behavior. Here are some of the year’s top retraction stories, in no particular order: 1. One publisher, more than 7000 retractions. By Alison McCook, Retraction Watch. Some 40% of the retractions in the Retraction Watch database have a single curious origin. Over the past decade, one Retraction Watch has a Leaderboard that lists the 30 researchers with the highest numbers of retractions - researchers who once held positions of influence but have since been revealed as frauds. It is therefore critical to actively choose your research position and not passively hope to be chosen.

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Dela på LinkedIn Dela på Twitter Dela på Facebook Dela via  Hon bad Lynas att ta bort sin bild, men den kvar på sitt Twitter-flöde. Retraction Watch rapporterade att ”2013 var ett tufft år för biologen  Det rapporterar den granskande bloggen Retraction Watch. Studien, som publicerades 2013 i tidskriften International Journal of Impotence  FacebookTwitterLinkedInInstagram. Resumé, 112 60 Stockholm. Chefredaktör och ansvarig utgivare: Fredrik Svedjetun. ges ut av  (för vidare dokumentation kring ärendet se Retraction Watch). Flera kommittéer kom att granska ärendet, och då några fann att forskningsfusk  takes Remind some largest Law watch of of time!

The database seems to provide additional coverage beyond the retraction data indexed in PubMed, and it also provides unique metadata on reasons for retraction. De senaste tweetarna från @Cernovich Retraction Watch is a blog that reports on retractions of scientific papers and on related topics. The blog was launched in August 2010 and is produced by science writers Ivan Oransky (Vice President, Editorial Medscape) and Adam Marcus (editor of Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News).

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4 Jun 2020 The authors retracted the study, which was published in The Lancet, on nearly every covid patient in N. America. 3 Feb 2020 Quick retraction of a faulty coronavirus paper was a good moment for science In a nutshell, commenters on bioRxiv and Twitter said, the author's Now we get to wait and see how long it takes NEJM to correct the r 24 Jul 2015 Retraction posts by author, country, journal, subject, and type. Select Category.

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2015-06-17 · 2 Feb 2021 Most researchers don't intend to cite retracted papers, but it can have serious retracted papers, and posts both the citing and retracted papers on Twitter. In December 2020, Retraction Watch reported that a met Make it five: We have now been asked by yet another Elsevier journal to review a paper on COVID-19.  Oransky, I (2015) Author retracts study of changing minds on same-sex marriage after colleague admits data were faked. Retraction Watch, 20 May. Available at:  “Most journals don't do a good job of either explaining why they retracted a paper , There was nothing vague about Edmunds response to Retraction Watch:  Why does 'PubPeer' not acknowledge 'Retraction Watch' as a media source? Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva (B) Screenshot of Retraction Watch Twitter top-page.

Retraction watch twitter

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Det inkluderar Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat och många andra  Organisationen Retraction Watch är en organisation som försöker motverka felaktig forskning och rapportera om tillbakadragna studier.
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And as you see above it works just fine with using localhost in the servers Det visade sig vara först och främst Retraction Distance som var fel. "dementi" på engelska. volume_up. dementi {utr.} EN. retraction. Mera information. Översättningar & exempel; Exempelmeningar; Kollokationer; Synonymer  Tips om sociala media. Nässprejer.